Love My Dogs


We lost our 15 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gabe, 18 months ago. After it happened, my wife, Debbie, and I felt we didn’t want another dog as we couldn’t go through that heartbreak again.

But as time went on, we missed have a furry friend around the house. I’d never had a larger dog, and so we agreed we’d get one. I first looked at Great Danes. Big, gentle dogs. But, after researching and speaking to breeders and owners, we decided to get a Labrador Retriever.
As we researched breeders in the area, and their upcoming litters, I mulled over a name. The breed is big, strong, and loyal, so I wanted a name that stayed true to its character.

The day we picked our new pup up

I chose the name TBone, after Jon Streg’s big, strong, and loyal ranger.
Soon after, we found a litter with available pups, and chose the most rambunctious male, a chocolate lab puppy, with adorable blue eyes. We brought him home on Valentine’s Day 2016, and he’s been a great companion and tireless puppy…even at over 90 pounds.

TBone today