Happy New Year

I’ve got to admit I’m happy to see 2016 fade into the rear view mirror. Between a major surgery that knocked me out for a few months, to a jarring death in the family in August, my publishing schedule was understandably pushed into the back seat.

But it’s front and center for 2017. Let me tell you about it.

No Mercy: TBone’s Test will be the first release. This is a novella-sized ebook (about 1/4 the size of The Tilt). It will be free and will only be available to members of my mailing list.

The initial mailing of the download link will be made to all current members. Others will get the link as they join the mailing list.

No Mercy: TBone’s Test is planned for the first half of 2017. More information, including a full book description, will come in future emails.

The Confederacy: Book Two in The Tilt Series
The second book in The Tilt series, The Confederacy is planned for the second half of 2017. Currently 1/4 of the first draft is completed.

More information, including a cover reveal and full book description, will come in future emails.


Great Alaska Book Fair


I’ll be at the Great Alaska Book Fair at the Sears Mall this Saturday. Stop on by and say, “Hi.” I’ll have copies of The Tilt available at more than a 20% discount off the regular price. Only $10.00 during this event. And I’ll be glad to autograph one for you.


The Tilt Cover and Description

The Tilt

No one is innocent.

After a man-made cataclysm called The Tilt kills Jon Streg’s wife and daughter, he becomes a hard-drinking Judge – a combination lawman and executioner – in the Free Nation of Alaska. When he learns that a group of Californians intend to resurrect the failed experiment that caused The Tilt, he hungers for revenge. Forced to band with a rival lawman from an enemy nation-state, he battles foreign mercenaries to track down the madmen before they finish the world for good.

Gritty and action-packed, The Tilt will take you on a thrilling ride through a post-apocalyptic landscape and one man’s quest for retribution and redemption.

Coming December 15, 2015 from Cottage Street Press